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Tag: Grooming


hmm… swam 20 laps yesterday during the 1st hour of my 3hr break…then did some revision by the pool… after i took a shower from the swim… anyways, tomorrow will […]

2004/09/10 – update 2

heyz… hmm.. i’m listening to Singapore Hit Awards 2004 (SHA) now thru y.e.s. 933. and surfing the body shop website – it has just been revamped. hmm, you ought to […]


today… nothing much happened except that I bought a Kacheek NeoPen which I was suppose to send over to Trippy… then bought some comics from Comics Connection back home… Kinda […]

New Year Resolutions 2004 update

Haiz… its really boring thinking about the amount of decisions one have to go about making everyday… For me I am still pondering over whether I should go back to […]


I’m currently looking into styling my hair for the new year which is like a month odd away… most probably my hair colour maybe dyed a slightly light brown… hmm […]


Went to Kinokuniya at Takashimaya today to get a comic titled REAL. Its the 3rd volume of the comic by a Japanese author. He has drawn quite a few manga, […]


Today I went to Tampines Mall to purchase some skin care products from the Body Shop. It has become a habit of mine to cleanse my face everyday since I […]


I woke up this morning to the shrieking of my grandma’s voice… How sad… At least her talking on the phone woke me up at about 8am in the morning. […]