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Tag: Life Goals

A boy diary – 2018 wishes

Do you believe in wishes? Maybe yes maybe not. I’m not exactly a fan of wishes, however, I do believe in things going according to how they would flow. What if […]


something today really struck me to rethink about what i really wantin life?? What is it that really matters most in life? Money?Friendship? Wealth?or Health? Pesonally… i feel that peace […]

Going 18

hmm when you are one year older…there are many things you can do and there are many which you cannot do…that is to say… when you gain something you will […]

New Year Resolutions 2004 update

Haiz… its really boring thinking about the amount of decisions one have to go about making everyday… For me I am still pondering over whether I should go back to […]

New Year Resolutions 2004

hey… 1st day of school was a breeze and managed to do some cross-stitch during my 2hr of break so it wasn’t bad afterall. Anyways, went home got to start […]


hey… Its nice to visit a KTV… Its a place where you and your friends can be to sing songs for a period of time (5 hrs+/-)… depends on your […]

2003/11/13 update 2

Hmm looks like I’m taking longer than ever to blog… Don’t know why wither, I don’t feel like blogging sometimes… Perhaps its because I’m just too lazy to do so […]