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Tag: Life

A photo a week – Waffles

There is this saying a picture tells a thousand words. This week we take a look at food. Food fills the stomach, food is for thought at time too. Waffles […]

Investing by diversification

In every asset allocation for investing, portfolio allocation is as important as selecting what to invest in or to invest in a bit of everything else. Just imagine walking into […]

A photo a week – Rose

Taken against the backdrop of a waterfall wallpaper during a visit to JW Marriott Singapore South Beach. The red roses were infused with blue colorant to create the feeling of […]

A photo a week – Horizon

Photo taken during the first work day in January. The sky breaking dawn in the horizon set against the front of foggy clouds. How much does the weather around us […]

2018 wishes

Do you believe in wishes? Maybe yes maybe not. I’m not exactly a fan of wishes, however, I do believe in things going according to how they would flow. What if […]

Jurong Bird Park

2017 – Year in Review (Part 1)

Turning 2018 into A.I.R. A new year, a new direction. Recalling the first day I took the courage to start writing – March 2016, was also the very months before […]

Reflections for Singapore – 2017

As the country celebrates her 52 years of nationhood. It is once again a time for reflection on the progress through the years. While this entry has no political agenda […]