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Apple Orchard Store, Singapore

How to love yourself?

A couple of days ago, a friend texted me to ask for some advice related to issues he was facing. During the course of the entire conversation, we came to […]


Valentine’s 2017

It’s time of the year once more – Valentine’s Day. While most of us, may or may not remember the true meaning on this day. Perhaps, for most people, it is […]


Weekly Round Up [ Numbers ]

It has been a very busy week for me in my day job. While on the weekend I visited couple of places, as well as attended the PinkDot.SG event on […]

Countless nights…

For countless nights, I sat down lying on my bed thinking…. what is the meaning of Love… It is just a world between the two of us, or is it […]

White Butterfly

Survival to Transformation

As I step out of my home towards the lift lobby of my apartment. I noticed a nice big butterfly resting on the white washed parapet wall. I walked on […]


Life lessons from Monopoly Empire

There are many board games in the market. And my all time favourite is still Monopoly. No matter how many versions the game has evolved over the years. It never fails […]

Grey, Black & White

Its a BLACK and WHITE world…. No… It is a GREY, BLACK & WHITE world… The conversation continues… Before the 2nd movie of fifty shades hits the cinema in February 2017…. I see my world as […]



I took this while I was walking along the towards Downtown train station. Looking up, I saw the stark contrast between the clear and not so clear sky. It looks like […]

Star Wars - Yoda

May the 4th 2016

May the 4th is a special day for many familiar with Star Wars. For this special day, it reminds me of the Jedi Master – Yoda. Back in the year […]

View of Singapore from St John


Life… That’s Simply : Life… As we walk the journey…. there will be times we stand still to look back what we have achieve thus far…what we have accomplished or […]