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Tag: Money

A boy diary – Beliefs

It’s again the turn of the biological clock to the next chapter. Just like the elections in Malaysia, sometimes like takes on unexpected turns. As it turns out, nothing is […]

Investing through diversification

In every asset allocation for investing, portfolio allocation is as important as selecting what to invest in or to invest in a bit of everything else. Just imagine walking into […]

Drip of Dividends – 01/18

An overview of my equities picks for January 2018. What’s OUT? mm2Asia (-900) Fraser Log & Industrial Trust (-200) Hatten Land (-2,700) HPH Trust (-600) CDL H Trust (-600) ThaiBev […]

A “War Chest” Concept

Some months back had this conversation with friends over coffee about the concept of stashing cash aside each month. It gels well with the earlier discussion of monthly investment plans. […]

Drip of Dividends – 09/17

The month of September marks the end of the 3rd quarter. Theme: Portfolio overhaul I was going through a series of deep reflections and decided to overhaul the entire portfolio […]

Container Hotel

Drip of Dividends – 08/17

We are now fast approaching the last quarter of 2017, and not too long later we will approach the end of the year. This month saw quite a bit of […]

Manhattan Card

Cash Back Credit Cards 2017 (Singapore)

The recent months saw the introduction of 2 new Cashback Credit Cards with limited or no caveats to spending. While the history of cash back credit cards dates back many […]

Essential Financial Education

As we progress in age, there are many financial considerations that take the toll. From personal expenses to utility bills and retirement planning. Many of which should begin at a […]

Drip of Dividends – 04/2017 to 06/17

The past few months was one of balancing with buying, selling and shifting of holdings among the brokerage firms. There was some holdings liquidated and re-bought at lower pricing as […]