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Tag: Orchids

Gardens by the Bay - Cloud Forest

Breathing Green

Over the past weeks, was contemplating what would seem an interesting experience to share about. Then came about this topic about Breathing Green. Breathing Green also refers to Green Spaces […]

Orchid roots

Plant experiment – 03/2017

The first quarter of 2017 came and gone in a flash. The fresh cuttings of mint plants and the Orchids are growing well so far. New shoots are seen coming […]

Plant experiment – Feb 2017

February was yet another interesting month. Decided to downsize the Orchid pot with 3 different shoots of Orchid into a smaller square pot. I felt it was too big a […]

Plant experiment – Jan 2017

With the end of the orchid bloom cycle. The orchid petals have all dried and withered. The long stems were trimmed to about 1 inch. The plant has so far […]

Plant Experiment Dec 2016

The month of December came and gone pretty fast. This month was a pretty occupied period, as I had to replace the existing Spagmoss and Charcoal which was from the […]

Plant Experiment – Nov 2016

Decided to dedicate a post on my journey with plants. I have a few pots of plants lying around at my work desk in the office. And I thought it […]

OCBC Skyway, Gardens by the Bay

OCBC Skyway – GBTB, SG

The spiral stairway consists of 128 steps each way up and down the two SuperTree (main columns structures). While the C-Shape walkway is supported by another 3 Super tree structures anchoring […]