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view from One George Street


About a year ago I embark on a journey finding ways to ease the aches of my routine gym workout. However, nothing seems to kick in for me after trying […]

Year end resolutions – 2016

Time flies, we are now moving towards the end of 2016. Just barely a month and a half away from December 31. It may be a chance to take stock of […]

Weekly Round Up [Double Fun!]

Spend half of the week in Malaysia for work and leisure. It was pretty much a interesting week spend away from home. Firstly, it has been almost a year since […]

Weekly Round Up [Fun!]

I’m not sure how to round up the week… but this was indeed a exciting and interesting week for me indeed. Here is one trivial adventure to Starbucks… On Wednesday […]

In A Cup [Cold Brew by Starbucks]

Starbucks Singapore recently launched the Cold Brew Coffee – small batches of coffee beans from Latin America and Africa; which are coarsely grounded. Next, the coffee grounds are slowly steep […]

Weekly Round Up [Details]

While the week was a busy yet eventful one. I felt the weekend that passed by was more interesting than the other days of the week. Weekend is always the […]

Weekly Round Up [Opposites Opening Line]

This has been a very reflective week to begin with. It seems like just another week for me. But looking deeper, the week opened with interesting events and encounters – […]

Cloud Forest, Gardens by the Bay

Weekly Round Up – [Partners]

Spend the week away on assignment. And back to the blogging sphere for the weekend. It was a week well spent, meeting up with many friends and spending time reflecting […]

Weekly Round Up [Pure]

Each Sunday, I will pick up a prompt from either the week’s Discover Challenge or Photo Challenge from The Daily Post to summarise the week. To sum up the week – […]


Weekly Round Up [ Numbers ]

It has been a very busy week for me in my day job. While on the weekend I visited couple of places, as well as attended the PinkDot.SG event on […]