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Tag: REITs

Drip of Dividends (Bonds) – 07/2018

From this month, will have a separate list of portfolio holdings for bonds. Why the sudden bond investing? I have always believed in creating passive income through various avenues. Not […]

Jetstar Asia

Drip of Dividends – 06/2018

So the World Cup fever is on as well as the US-China trade issue. Meanwhile, there is also the upcoming rate hikes looming. This causes quite a bit of stir […]

Drip of Dividends – 05/18

Here is a look at what I decide to invest in for the month of May 2018. Changing the format for posting I felt the previous posts don’t reflect on […]

Drip of Dividends – 03/18

March began with a huge selldown. This month saw the inclusion of 4 new counters – Guocoland, HRnetGroup, UOB and Sun Hung Kai properties. Essentially, the industries of focus are […]

Drip of Dividends – 02/18

February swims by us very quickly and quietly. Towards the beginning of February, there was a minor correction in the market. I decided to realign my Portfolio holdings – resulting […]

Star Ferry Terminal - Tsim Sha Tsui

Drip of Dividends – 10/17

Had some deep reflecting on the journey through portfolio balancing and looking back the journey where I began years ago. Though I gain and lost some as well as earn […]

Isetan - the Japan Store @ Lot 10, KL Malaysia

REITs – Self-manage vs ETFs

I was speaking to a few friends over the upcoming launch of a 3rd ETF – Lion-Phillip S-Reit ETF, while at the same time taking a deeper look into the […]

Red and White Orchid

Receive or Reinvest Dividends

There are days where we receive corporate actions from equities we buy. Some of the common corporate actions from the equities counters are the rights issue, stock splits, reverse splits, […]

Drip of Dividends – 07/2017

Just like the lifecycle of the jellyfishes in the aquarium. The stock market has got interesting cycles of high and low. Did some minor tweaking to my Portfolio for July […]