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Tag: Short Story


now… there’s only 1 month left of the holiday… actually should be 35days more to school re-opening… hahaz… anyways… looking at my list… I have only 2 more things to […]

Thousand Miles – Short Story

Well… today is Sunday so there is no school… At the moment I am trying to figure out what subject I should begin my revison with… At the moment, I […]


Now… the time has come for the official web release of the Roaming World, the much awaited release… the story I shall not reveal too much… check them out here… […]

The Roaming World – short story

Was working on my 5th and current short story – the roaming world. As of now I am nearing completion with just 2 more chapters to fill up the story […]

School daze – short story

Finally, I have completed writing my 4th short story – school daze. Its a story about a year one student in a teritiary institution. Life is a brisk with friends […]


Couldn’t blog last night as the internet connection was really slow and I had problem logging into Blogger too… So if you had tried to access my blog last night […]

broken sphere – short story

Have you wondered why relationship don’t always last? And end comes when the relationship is broken. For example when a partner dies or when both parties get a divorce, it […]