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Tag: Toys

Toy Piano (2011)


Looking at today’s The Daily Post prompt – Music, decided to write something about Music. I always remember this toy piano (pictured below)…. It was a toy which I use to play […]


Another day of slacking… Anyways, got good comments for my project, except that I do not understand why my lecturer did not receive my project 1… anyways, I just did […]


Heya people… now today… I skipped school went to Bugis Junction to do some window shopping and then went to Orchard to check out some Neopets Stuff… Just kinda bored… […]


Just 4 more days…. I will then be able to know where I stand… How I will move on…. into a new course or I have to stay in this […]


Think it is running late… anyways, tomorrow have to go out with Vincent just to source of the Neopets TCG cards… He seems to be very excited over the cards […]

2004/03/25 update 2

Now after taking up the whole afternoon to get the lot of cards sorted out, it just brings back fond memories of the time when I last played Magic – […]


Still thinking about whether I should proceed on with collecting Magic Cards… Got a box of 3500 cards… just took some time to browse through the cards now… still looking […]


Went to get a box of 3500 cards from Vincent today… Well its a real lot of cards from the Magic set. Thanks to him for the cards. Did not […]


Haiz… my Neopets Acc has been hacked into again… this time items in my shop has gone missing.. I wonder what has gone wrong with me not playing on my […]