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Tag: Wellness

Healing spaces

Some weeks ago… It dawn on me what would be my idea of a healing space. It could be anywhere within the house of spaces that provides that serenity. The […]

Rich Dad Books + Sports

Back into some book reading lately… with the beginning of a new Semester… yea.. Though I have been kept busy… but will still find time to spare for reading. Which […]

New Year Resolutions 2005

been into deep thoughts lately… since thursday.. as much as i could recall been thinking about which direction i am heading towards in the new 2005… A new me… maybe… […]


hmm… swam 20 laps yesterday during the 1st hour of my 3hr break…then did some revision by the pool… after i took a shower from the swim… anyways, tomorrow will […]

Granola Bars

Granola Bars… hmm, I just went with my mum down to Fairprice to do some groceries shopping and the idea of this Quaker Granola Bars came into my mind… bought […]


it seems like i was born yesterday… I just have this feeling of boredom whenever I think that I have nothing to do… In fact there are lots for me […]


Today, I receive my latest copy of Men’s Health… Gave it a quick browse through at night and found lots of cool tips to keeping fit and deciding on the […]

New Year Resolutions 2004

hey… 1st day of school was a breeze and managed to do some cross-stitch during my 2hr of break so it wasn’t bad afterall. Anyways, went home got to start […]


hey… time flies and before you really know… school is about to begin… this semester I am gonna be kept busy with lots of school activities at least I feel […]


Went window shopping today… haiz, did not manage to find anything I want to buy.. Actually I did, but it is just that I have to wait until dec this […]