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Apple Orchard Store, Singapore

How to love yourself?

A couple of days ago, a friend texted me to ask for some advice related to issues he was facing. During the course of the entire conversation, we came to […]

dreamzLand : Sep 9, 2005

i had a dream about being in the corporate world… what was i doing? a store manager with the Cold Storage group of supermarkets… yea.. it just happens that i […]

dreamzLand : Sep 2, 2005

i dream of Ryan once again… haha… this time in the dream he came to look for me to tell me that he broke up with his current boyfriend… and […]


life’s got it’s ups and downs… high and low points… been busy today… morning at the Neopets Carnival at West Coast Park McDonalds… doing Demos and speaking to the Neopets […]


Will be attending a Neopets TCG roadshow at McD West Coast next week Saturday… Right now am not too sure if I will be bringing down my deck to play… […]


today went with Jeremy to Bugis to source for prices of computer accessories and to get his bags… Pretty bad day coz it rained the whole afternoon… I was really […]


basically… today is a half good and half bad news… on the good side I finally got the racks to put those fat quarters and on the bad side… TP […]


so sianz… anyways now I am waiting for some cash to come in so that I can write off what i still owe people… that is I still need to […]