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Tag: Year in Review

Jurong Bird Park

2017 – Year in Review (Part 1)

Turning 2018 into A.I.R. A new year, a new direction. Recalling the first day I took the courage to start writing – March 2016, was also the very months before […]

Year end resolutions – 2016

Time flies, we are now moving towards the end of 2016. Just barely a month and a half away from December 31. It may be a chance to take stock of […]

201301: the past ten years…

looking back the past ten years… since i started at the tender age of 16years old to try new things and explore the world around me. So much has changed […]


yesterday was 2012…. today… at this point… 10 hours has passed on for 2013… a new year with new focus – indeed the year ended for me with major ups […]

Reflections: year in review 2012

After watching Les Miserables thoughts flew through my mind… What’s my destiny in life… Who am I?… For the year 2012… I have many regrets and many lows in my […]

New Year Resolutions 2005

been into deep thoughts lately… since thursday.. as much as i could recall been thinking about which direction i am heading towards in the new 2005… A new me… maybe… […]

Reflections 2004

hmm… still no news of my clsss mate which we suspect has been missing from the Tidal Wave… just a speculation… anyways, added Amazon 1-click donation to American Red Cross… […]

Lunar New Year 2004

Hey Chinese New Year is knocking its doors soon… In just a few more hours.. Anyways, I feel that it is the time to really celebrate and spend the precious […]

New Year Resolutions 2004 update

Haiz… its really boring thinking about the amount of decisions one have to go about making everyday… For me I am still pondering over whether I should go back to […]

New Year Resolutions 2004

hey… 1st day of school was a breeze and managed to do some cross-stitch during my 2hr of break so it wasn’t bad afterall. Anyways, went home got to start […]